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Hey y’all! It’s Erin the DPT here and I want to first say thank you for your interest in ErinTheDPT's Mentoring/Coaching Program. 

First,  let me tell you a little about myself and why I decided to launch a career mentoring program to my fellow healthcare professionals. 


I have been a licensed physical therapist for the past seven years and have experience working as a staff physical therapist and center manager in a wide variety of settings. However, In 2021, I decided I needed to make a change in my career because probably like you, I was experiencing 


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My Story

I don't know about you, but I knew I was burnt out when I started to have the following feelings:

1. I dreaded going to work somedays.

2. I no longer felt my career was fun or fulfilling.

3. I felt like I had lost my passion.

4. I was overwhelmed with productivity demands, billing standards, documentation requirements, and administrative duties. 

5. I knew something needed to change but wasn't exactly sure how it was suppose to look.

Sound familiar?

It was during a time of searching, praying, and trying to figure out the perfect work life balance, I made the decision to transition to a PRN physical therapist and launched ErinTheDPT LLC which provides in-home cash-based PT services.

It was through being a PRN therapist and traveling to different areas I realized many of my colleagues (both new grads and seasoned PTs) were experiencing the same feelings as me. I wanted to do something to help other clinicians avoid making the same mistakes I had and this mentoring program was born.

Areas of Focus

The areas of focus for ErinTheDPT’s mentoring program is to: 


  1. Help you to regain your passion for your career.

  2. Assist you in developing strategies to decrease workplace burnout. 

  3. Encourage you to maximize your voice in your spheres of influence. 


As a physical therapist I want to empower my patients to realize they can achieve and return to their maximum level of function. As a healthcare professional I want the same thing for you!

Our Services

Free Online Course

  • PT Mentoring 101 - "Going From Burnout to Freedom"

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Free Initial Consultation: 30 minutes

  • This service provides you with the opportunity to learn more about ErinTheDPT and the mentoring program. You will have the opportunity to share about barriers you are currently facing and ask any questions.

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One-on-One Virtual Sessions w/ ErinTheDPT: 60 minutes

  • Cost: $125.00 (Clinicians) $65.00 (Students)

  • During these sessions we will develop practical steps and strategies to help you to overcome current barriers in your field. 


3 Month Packaging (6 One-On-One Virtual Sessions)

  • Cost: $600.00 (Clinicians only)

  • During these sessions we will develop practical steps and strategies to help you to overcome current barriers in your field. 

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PT Mentoring 101 - "Going From Burnout to Freedom"
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